Welcome ECSU and UConn students
"Matching Students With Houses."

Willimantic Rentals is a real estate company that focuses exclusively on ownership, operations and advisory services for student housing located near the campus. Promising a smooth and swift transition.
​...It's time to ditch the dorm.

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 ​      ​​800-286-2000 
  • GAS
  • CHARTER (Internet, Cable, Phone)
  • OIL
       (860) 423-9111  (yankee oil)
       (860) 423-2377  (valley oil)


  • Applications availble for the Fall 2018 semester. Apply now! 

  • Remember to set your thermostat to 55 when leaving the house vacant for the thanksgiving break

  • Be sure to check our Facebook page and like it to keep updated with events and properties