Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Where do I send my rent? Make Payable to?
    Make Payable to: Willimantic Rentals Mailing Address: Willimantic Rentals LLC PO Box 848 Willimantic, CT 06226
  2. When is rent due?
    Rent is due on the 1st of Every month. If rent is late, there is a 10% late fee charge. The 10% is calculated using the total monthly rent. Example: Rent is 2000.00 a month. Rent is Late. You will be invoiced for 200.00. (2000.00*10%=200)
  3. How do I pay rent?
    Rent can either be paid via personal check, money order, cash or Venmo. The Venmo button on our homepage will direct you to our account.
  4. Is renters insurance required?
    Yes. Every tenant must show proof of insurance, in hand, on the day of moving in. Renters Insurance is a very low cost for what it covers.
  5. How do I make a maintenance request?
    E-mail your request to We ask you to email so we have records of all requests. The more detail the better. Pictures are encouraged.
  6. Is smoking allowed in the building?
    No. All of our properties are non-smoking. Smoking of ANY KIND is strictly prohibited. You may smoke outside of the building, but are responsible for properly disposing of any cigarette butts or other waste. Apartments will have to be painted (at renters cost) if smoking has occurred inside the property.
  7. How do I renew my lease for another year?
    We will ask you if you would like to renew in the Fall as spots fill up quick for the following year. Our current residents always have first priority with our properties.
  8. How much is the Security Deposit?
    The security deposit is equal to Two months rent. Example: Monthly Rent is 1000.00 (1000.00 *2= 2000.00 )
  9. When should I start looking for my apartment/house?
    EARLY! People begin calling on our properties starting in October for the next June move-in. (Yes, almost a year in advance!) Our properties rent fast! Our company begins signing leases as early as the end of October, but our official rental season starts November 1st.
  10. When will I get my security deposit refund?
    By law, we are required to mail out security deposit refunds within 30 days of when keys are forfeited and mailing addresses are submitted.
  11. When should I schedule to have my utilities turned on, and which utilities do I need to set up?
    Please schedule your utilities to be turned on the date of your move in. Heat is included at 369 Valley St and 417 Prospect St, all other properties Tenants are responsible for Heat (Electric, gas or oil), Cable/Internet, Electric, Oil/Gas (where applicable).
  12. How much is the holding deposit?
    When you've decided on which rentals fits your needs best, we will hold the property for your group with a holding fee of $1000.00.
If you have a question that does not appear on the list, please fill out the form below to reach out to us.
Here is a list to help you get the utilities activated at your apartment/house.
 ​      ​​800-286-2000 
  • GAS (369 Valley St Stoves)

  • OIL
​       (860) 423-9111  (yankee oil)
       (860) 423-2377  (valley oil)